The Father of Black History Month

    Did you know that black history month began as a weekend called Negros history week. A special program created by an Historian Name Carter G Woodson to encourage people to learn about the history, the culture and to celebrate the achievements of Negros. It started February 1926 the week of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas birthdays. Later on, one week of celebration turned into a whole Month to honor Woodson’s Legacy.  

     This month we honor those who took a stand, died and fought for freedom, inclusion, social justice, human rights and equality. The fight isn’t over, we are still fighting today. Thank you to Those who’ve paved the way for us, Not only through movements for change but also for your CREATIVITY. Creating things & products we use today, The poems we read today, The messages we share today, The History and lessons we learn today, The culture we have today, The marches we still do today. But most importantly thank you for giving us the courage to take a stand to fight for what we believe in knowing we can make change!! 

        Happy Black History Month!!!!

Message of today isĀ 

In order to be proficient you have to be a beginner, everyone has to start someone where!! Don’t be afraid to jump out the window and spread your wind and fly you will have people who will doubt you, you will have people who will talk about you, you will have people who will try to break you down but don’t let that deter you from you dream!! Move forward each day, continue to keep pushing! it’s going to get hard trust me It is but you have to stay true to yourself stay true to your craft and overtime you ll start to see that everything will slowly fall into place! 

Today’s Message:Ā 

    Today’s message is for anyone who is feeling sad or down today for whatever reason. Do not be sad or down, Raise your head high, You are an amazing person, you have so much potential and you have a lot going for yourself, you have a good head on your shoulders, you have so many reasons to be happy and so much more to be thankful for.               

    No one or nothing can make you happy, you can only make yourself happy. People or things are not supposed to make you happy they are only supposed to enhance your happiness. Your happiness and joy comes from within you.         

      Today, You are probably feeling discouraged and you may have a lot going on but don’t worry!! You have to keep pushing, keep having faith and everything will fall into place. I know, It’s so hard to stay happy because anything can fuck up one’s mood. It’s all about mentally preparing yourself. If you Lift your spirits, continue to think positive, block out negativity and demand your power back from the universe. You will see that you are invincible.      

    Keep in mind, no one should have power over you to make you change your mood; do not entertain worthless situations that could pull you out of your character . When you finally realize you have full control over yourself, in the way you act, how you think and the way you feel. Then, You will slowly start seeing the shift in your life. Positive vibes only!! In order to see change you have to start changing the way you think and the way you view situations. Today will be a good day!!!! No worries you got this!!!! 

What is the definition of a RIDER?Ā 


Is a rider a person who stays with you after you cheat, beat, hurt and lie to? A person who stays down with you no matter how many times you’ve done them wrong? A person who stays with you after you finish fighting and breaking them down? A person who takes you back after you humiliate them time after time?
     Or is a rider a person who is down and out for you? Who will always make sure you are good? Uplift you when you are down? A person who will stop at nothing to make sure you are leveled, well taken care of and push you to succeed? A person who truly cares for you and will be there for you whether it’s mentally, spiritually and physically? When you have nothing or are at your lowest peak they are consistently there trying to help you get back on your own two feet. 

  One can go on and on asking all these types of questions about what’s a rider, but the most important question is what category defines what a rider is to you?

   Not to long along someone posted a meme that read, “no matter how many bitches he fucked and after all the wrong he had done she stood by him she’s a rider.”

   I was appalled thinking to myself what type of message this meme was giving to both men and women. It’s obviously sending the message to both men and women that to be a rider a male must have a female who will stay with them through all the bullshit he puts her through. Or if a woman doesn’t stay with you after you’ve done her wrong, she isn’t a rider? Which in my opinion is complete BS!!!!

   Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions on the definition. No one can’t dictate what a female allows or tolerates a man to do to them or what a man put a woman through. One thing that I do feel strongly about is people should not promote the term ‘rider’ in a demeaning way as stated above. 

    Overall the meme pinpoints women not being riders. So you’re telling me that she wasn’t a rider when you had no money and was busting her ass making sure ends were met, while you were good and ate every night? She wasn’t a rider when she stayed in the hospital with you while you were sick? She wasn’t a rider the times you had no one in your corner and gave you the strength you needed to move forward? She wasn’t a rider when she did something good for you to show you that she genuinely cared for you, loved you, supported you financially, physically and mentally???? 

  No. The meme states women are only riders when they stay with men after all the pain you cause! Truth be told That’s not a rider!!!

   If you decide to stay with your significant other while enduring endless pain or on the other hand dragging them through the mud while doing them dirty…that’s your business. And if you two still decide to be together that’s your prerogative. But don’t promote the term ‘rider’ if it’s not something that makes people feel good about themselves because what social media and this age of technology is feeding us on a daily is false pretenses. 

    We as people are all still growing on a daily, no matter the age. We all make mistakes but don’t judge someone’s loyalty based off their decision to walk away from a toxic situation. They might have been a real ‘rider’ being good to you but you did not realize it because you thought a rider was a door mat or someone who’s obligated to deal with your BS. THAT’S NOT THE CASE.
          Learn the difference!

Happy New Year!

Today marks a New Year, a New Month, and a New Day. You are stepping into a new realm with so many new and exciting adventures. Do not let the pain and fear from yesterday travel into the new year. Do not stress over things you can not control, Do not worry about what happen yesterday, last week and the last few months. Today gives you an opportunity to start fresh and start new. Bring the new year in with great energy, new goals and positivity. Walk away from anything and anyone who’s bringing you down. Leave those people with their negative energy and negative aura behind. You must prepare yourself for the new devils or even old demons to come. You will get everything you want. Just continue to keep faith and work towards your goals.
You may not see now but the new house/apartment you been waiting for “you are going to get that”, then new job promotion you been waiting for “you are going to get that”, the ring you been waiting for “you are going to get that”, the degree you’ve worked so hard for “you are going to get that”, that girl/guy you been eyeing “you are going to get that”, the family you been waiting for “you are going to get that”, the love you been waiting for “you going to get that, the money you been waiting for you are you to get that”, I can go on and on about all the blessings you are about to receive but it’s up to you to believe. There’s no time to waste!! It’s time to step out and show out!

May this year continue to bless you with great opportunities, Love, finances, success and happiness. This is your year!!! Claim what is yours!!!

Happy New Year!!