Be better, Not Bitter


Bitterness gets you nowhere; once you turn in to a bitter person, you’ll slowly start to self-destruct, killing yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Bitterness turns in to misery and what person you know want to associate themselves with a Miserable person? That’s just toxic energy floating around your aura and who wants to be around a toxic person? Understanding that, who you are around, is who you will become. No one has time to dwell on negativity. When you focus on the negativity; you stop seeing the positive message from the lessons. The situations you’ve been in or is currently in is teaching you a lesson. One, who grows from being bitter lives a better life.

Heal yourself, work on bettering yourself and be a better you!!!

There are people alive who are dead on the inside from being bitter. You are not fully living if you are stuck on negativity. Everything we face daily is a part of life, the beauty of life is facing every rough, tough, bad, good, easy, hard, happiness, sad, painful, hurtful, joy experiences and being able to look back those moments and say ‘wow I didn’t think I would have ever made it through this moment in life’ or look back and being proud of every obstacle you over came, just simply Realizing that you are stronger than you thought you were. By being bitter, you are only hurting yourself and stopping your growth.


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5 thoughts on “Be better, Not Bitter”

  1. I completely agree! Since the beginning of this summer I have been letting some friends go because I realized that I was becoming negative like them and I know that’s not me.

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    1. Yeah, people love negativity because they have nothing else to live for and when they see you doing well, they try to break you Down. When you start to peep it, you have to move away!


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