Deep Ventilation is a personal blog/ an expressive writing blog about life.  The name Deep Ventilation speaks for itself. I will be writing about various topics and issues we all face everyday. We all need to vent at times, whether it’s good or bad we all share our thoughts, experiences, concerns and journeys to a friend or even on social media. Deep Ventilation gives everyone and opportunity to Communicate with one another. I will be sharing my thoughts, opinions, experiences, telling stories and I want to have an open discussions with my readers.  

    Most of the time I am venting about past experiences, things I’ve seen, things I don’t agree with or agree with, How I feel and elaborating on things/situations we all face daily. whether you are a man or woman we share stories or experiences that are similar to one other. We all have feelings, thoughts, emotions, dreams, fall in love, have a struggles, over came an obstacle, facing depression, have or had a life crisis, been cheated on, cheated,  someone experienced a verbal or physical abuse partner,  been doubted, put down, have children, being in a relationship, had or have beef, have Issues with friends or family, having issue with their children’s mother or father, don’t understand why people hate, mentally tapped in what society says, Can not stand an employee, hate their boss, who is not happy with themselves, dealing with insecurities, low self-esteem, being a parent,  trying to figure out how to love themselves, put themselves first, just happy and is madly in love I can go on and on but you get the point. We all been there at one point in our life and  When there is a negative experience there is always a positive lesson or positive effect that blossoms from that experience.