Women’s Crush Wednesday 

I dedicate today’s W.C.W to all the beautiful women out there. Hey Girl,  You are the shit, beauty runs so deep, it pours from the inside out. You all are queens, any man would be lucky to have you. Your children are blessed to you have mothers’ like you. You are so precious, nothing in this world can compare. To find a woman who’s beautiful from the inside and out is so Rare. Your appearance does not define who you are, it’s your mental, your spirit and your heart. 

     Girl, you are fine!!! Do not let society tell you that your features are not accepted because they are different. Be your own WOMAN, be YOU, be an INDIVIDUAL, be the woman society needs and not the illusion social media portrays. Girllll!!!!!!! You better work!!!! Fix that crown, it’s tilting a little, you must always remember that you are royalty. Your worth is more than a few dollars, gifts, shoes, clothes, and Bags. Your worth is something money can’t buy. As women, we are all unique in our own individual way for a REASON; You can not be her, she can not be you. That’s the beauty of individuality. We were not put on this earth to seek validation from no one or worship no one. We have to learn how to worship ourselves, Learn to LOVE who you are.We are GODS, CREATORS, SURVIVORS, WARRIORS!!!! Never forget, you hold the power! 

Thoughts on the Immigration Executive order

    What is this world coming to!!  It is so much going on, I can not keep up. I feel sad for everyone who’s going through the immigration Ban. This could be anyone of us, our family, our friends, it’s heartbreaking. Growing up, talking to the “immigrant children” They would speak so highly of America and how grateful they are to be a part of this great land, how their families came here for a better life. Fast forward to present day, The country immigrants once viewed as so amazing and so great is now showing them they do not matter. 

The same people who lived in this country happy for many years , who helped built houses in this country, who started families in this country are now being rejected because they were not born in here !!! This is so devastating.
   But Why should I care? I am an “American” (rolling eyes) “yeah right” People of color are Americans but they are still being targeted and killed today, By those who feel that they are Superior. I care because right is right and wrong is wrong!! This is so wrong!!! It should not matter about a person’s race or religion they are still HUMAN!!!  

       People come here for a better opportunity for themselves and for their families. Everything they worked hard for is literally being ripped from them right before their eyes. This is not only affecting one group, It’s affecting the nation.      

      Why is it that people are judge based off their own beliefs, race, choices and identity?  Growing up, They teach us that we are the owners of our bodies and we are the ones who endures the consequences of our life choices. So why do people feel it’s ok to judge, look down on others or hurt others? How could this be the land of the free when there are executive orders in play to keep people from trying to live the best way they know how? Oh I get it, It’s the land of the free to a certain extent. It’s a crime to be anything other than what the government implies, Like what the fuck!! 

    When will the discrimination stop??? How is it that it is against the law to discriminate at work, at school, for housing, hospital and anywhere else in America, but it’s ok for the COMMANDER IN CHIEF to discriminate on the people of this NATION. You suppose to lead by example. It’s a deeper than what we think and what they are telling us, but everything will come to light soon. 


The Father of Black History Month

    Did you know that black history month began as a weekend called Negros history week. A special program created by an Historian Name Carter G Woodson to encourage people to learn about the history, the culture and to celebrate the achievements of Negros. It started February 1926 the week of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas birthdays. Later on, one week of celebration turned into a whole Month to honor Woodson’s Legacy.  

     This month we honor those who took a stand, died and fought for freedom, inclusion, social justice, human rights and equality. The fight isn’t over, we are still fighting today. Thank you to Those who’ve paved the way for us, Not only through movements for change but also for your CREATIVITY. Creating things & products we use today, The poems we read today, The messages we share today, The History and lessons we learn today, The culture we have today, The marches we still do today. But most importantly thank you for giving us the courage to take a stand to fight for what we believe in knowing we can make change!! 

        Happy Black History Month!!!!

Message of today is 

In order to be proficient you have to be a beginner, everyone has to start someone where!! Don’t be afraid to jump out the window and spread your wind and fly you will have people who will doubt you, you will have people who will talk about you, you will have people who will try to break you down but don’t let that deter you from you dream!! Move forward each day, continue to keep pushing! it’s going to get hard trust me It is but you have to stay true to yourself stay true to your craft and overtime you ll start to see that everything will slowly fall into place! 

Today’s Message: 

    Today’s message is for anyone who is feeling sad or down today for whatever reason. Do not be sad or down, Raise your head high, You are an amazing person, you have so much potential and you have a lot going for yourself, you have a good head on your shoulders, you have so many reasons to be happy and so much more to be thankful for.               

    No one or nothing can make you happy, you can only make yourself happy. People or things are not supposed to make you happy they are only supposed to enhance your happiness. Your happiness and joy comes from within you.         

      Today, You are probably feeling discouraged and you may have a lot going on but don’t worry!! You have to keep pushing, keep having faith and everything will fall into place. I know, It’s so hard to stay happy because anything can fuck up one’s mood. It’s all about mentally preparing yourself. If you Lift your spirits, continue to think positive, block out negativity and demand your power back from the universe. You will see that you are invincible.      

    Keep in mind, no one should have power over you to make you change your mood; do not entertain worthless situations that could pull you out of your character . When you finally realize you have full control over yourself, in the way you act, how you think and the way you feel. Then, You will slowly start seeing the shift in your life. Positive vibes only!! In order to see change you have to start changing the way you think and the way you view situations. Today will be a good day!!!! No worries you got this!!!!