Breaking life “Patterns”

Breaking PATTERNS are very difficult, As you get older, You have to learn how to change the way you think, The way you present yourself and the way you handle situations. In order to do so, It requires you to break current life PATTERNS that you are 1)Comfortable with, 2) Use to and 3) live for.

PATTERNS are habits people adapt to over time, We are not born with them, We learn them, It could be learned from Society, Environments, Lifestyle, People you associate yourself with, The places you hang out at, The person you date, Family, School, past life experiences or situations etc. These PATTERNS you create are very easy to transition into but so hard to transition out of. But all PATTERNS of life are changeable, You just have to be willing to take the effort.

Anything is possible to change, When it comes to Self-Elevation.


Daily Prompt:Pattern

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